40+ Awesome Finger Tattoos for Men and Women

You'll love each and every one.

These moon finger tattoos.

Moon Finger Tattoos by Doy

If you try hard enough, we’re sure there’s a full moon in here somewhere. (Photo: Doy)

These gorgeous hand poked finger tattoos.

Hand Poked Finger Tattoo Designs by Goldy

Dots, lines, and a crescent moon. Gorgeous. (Photo: Goldy)

This minimalistic heart.

Heart Shaped Finger Tattoo by Jon Boy

Well drawn. But then again what else would you expect from the meticulously minimalistic Jon Boy ;).  (Photo: Jon Boy)

This fleur-de-lis.

Fleur-de-lis Finger Tattoo by Raice Wong

(Photo: Raice Wong)

These cat and arrow finger tattoos.

Cat and Arrow Finger Tattoos by Doy

Another arrow piercing the skin. (Photo: Doy)

This mandala sheath.

Mandala Finger Tattoo by Lauren

It’s as if someone tied a tiny mandala patterned bandana around this lovely finger. (Photo: Lauren)

These sweet arrows.

Finger Tattoo Design by Nahira Hrustanovic

Not to be confused with a highway sign. (Photo: Nahira Hrustanovic)

These tiny finger tattoos.

Tiny Finger Tattoos by Doy

(Photo: Doy)

This glass of red wine.

Wine Glass Finger Tattoo by Frank Tran

This is where you get a tattoo if you’re not sure you exactly want one. Just kidding. (Photo: Frank Tran)

True love.

True Love Finger Tattoo by Sam Riera Cole

In the palm of their hands. Only if we were so lucky. (Photo: Sam Riera Cole)

These praying hands.

Christian Finger Tattoo by Isaiah Negrete

The detail achieved in these tiny praying hands in smoothing else. (Photo: Isaiah Negrete)


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