40 Amazing Dog Tattoos For Dog Lovers

Who's a good dog?

This forearm work.

Dog Tattoo on Forearm by Pari Corbitt

Hyperrealism at it’s best. Another gorgeous French Bulldog tattoo executed to perfection. (Photo: Pari Corbitt)

This cap-wearing pooch.

Dog With a Cap Tattoo by Brian Woo

If you haven’t noticed, Doctor Woo has a tendency to add articles of clothing to his dogs. (Photo: Brian Woo)

This abstract creation.

Abstract Dog Tattoo by Schwein

This black French Bulldog was turned into an impressive work of abstract art that even Picasso would approve of. (Photo: Schwein)

This loving companion. Cute Dog Tattoo by Felipe Rodrigues Fe Rod

The difference between dogs and cats is that dogs are always so happy and excited to see you when you get home. We love cats too, but we’re usually only greeted with dirty looks upon arriving home to our feline family member. (Photo: Felipe Rodrigues Fe Rod)

This geometric dog tattoo.

Low Poly Geometric Dog Tattoo by Sven Rayen

We love low poly and no one does it better than Sven. (Photo: Sven Rayen)

This beautiful border collie.

Beautiful Border Collie Tattoo Design by Tyler Malek

Not to be confused with a Rough Collie—Lassie. (Photo: Tyler Malek)

This geometric pair.

Dog Tattoos by Pink Tattoos

Two loyal pals no doubt, one still a work in progress. (Photo: Pink Tattoos)

Another small dog tattoo on ankle.

Tiny Dog Tattoo on Ankle by Graffittoo

(Photo: Graffittoo)

This minimalistic design.

Minimalistic Dog & Cat Tattoo

(Photo: Antalya)

This dotwork Schnauzer tattoo.

Schnauzer Tattoo Design by Lucile Kosby

This has to be the wisest looking Schnauzer we’ve ever seen. (Photo: Lucile Kosby)