40 Amazing Dog Tattoos For Dog Lovers

Who's a good dog?

Dog Tattoo Featured Image

If you’re here that probably means you have a dog and therefore know how amazing these creatures are so we won’t go on and on about how dog’s are indeed man’s best friend and should be treated no differently than a full-fledged family member.

They’re there for us in good times and in bad—loyal to a fault. Here’s to our furry little friends, the love that they give and the ink that they inspire. Enjoy!

This black and grey ink dachshund tattoo.

Beagle Tattoo Design by Jakub Nowicz

Here we have a beautiful colorless dachshund tattoo that actually looks soft enough to cuddle. The dachshund was bred from hound dogs to sniff out game such as rabbits, and even deer. Their short legs make them perfect burrow navigators, going where large dogs simply can’t.  (Photo: Jakub Nowicz)

This adorable French bulldog.

French Bulldog Tattoo by Melina Casteletto

Melina did an amazing job capturing the realism of this little Frenchie. From the spots on ears to the tiny black whiskers, no detail was overlooked. French bulldogs were a result of an 1800’s breeding program between English bulldogs and French ratters.  (Photo: Melina Casteletto)

This pomeranian pup.

Pomeranian Tattoo on Forearm by Brian WooLately the popularity of pomeranians has skyrocketed thanks largely in part to the self-proclaimed cutest dog in the world “Boo” and his large internet footprint. The above design captures the adorable perpetually excited facial expression that pomeranians are so well-known for.  (Photo: Brian Woo)

This tiny pink tongue.

Small Dog Tattoo by Doy

Pink ears and a pink tongue always scream Maltese but we’re not quite sure in this case as this pup wasn’t labeled. But as far as cute puppy tattoos go, this one is right up there with the most adorable designs we’ve yet to come across. (Photo: Doy)

This thigh piece.

Watercolor Dog Tattoo on Thigh by Cynthia Sobraty

(Photo: Cynthia Sobriety)

This hyperrealistic golden retriever.

Golden Retriever Tattoo by Steve Butcher

This hyperrealistic golden retriever looks almost like a lion with his ruffled mane-like hair. White snow or possibly even sand can be seen covering the nose and ears.  (Photo: Steve Butcher)

This low poly dog tattoo.

Geometric Dog Tattoo Design by Pink Tattoo

Geometric polygons make up this incredibly clever doggy tattoo. Some type of cocker spaniel we’re guessing. Awesome. (Photo: Pink Tattoo)

This black mastiff.

Mastiff Dog Tattoo by Brian Woo

Again, another guess and probably a wrong one at that but if it’s not a mastiff it’s definitely something similar. The level of detail Brian (Doctor Woo) is able to achieve in such small designs is nothing short of spectacular.  (Photo: Brian Woo)

These adorable eyes.

Puppy Tattoo Design by Tayfun Bezgin

They say there’s nothing cuter than a puppy, and while we’re inclined to agree, most baby animals are equally adorable. (Photo: Tayfun Bezgin)

These circles.

Geometric Dog Tattoo by Brian Woo

Brian’s created a few of these circular animal designs and they’re quickly becoming a fan favorite. This canine looks like a lab of some sort. Notice the bandana around the neck.  (Photo: Brian Woo)

This cute Maltese.

Maltese Tattoo Design by Doy

Negative space gives way to a pair of beautiful black eyes and a cute button nose. The Maltese was prized by Romans during antiquity for their long silky white hair. Originally from Malta, the Maltese has been referred to by many names such as the Spaniel gentle, Maltese lion dog, Melitaie dog, Maltese terrier, and Roman ladies’ dog.  (Photo: Doy)