40 Adorable Itty-Bitty Ankle Tattoos

No socks allowed.

This delicate flower.


This barely-there whisp of a flower reminds you of the flowers painted on fine china and expensive ceramic kitchenware. (Photo: Dr. Woo)

This unknown constellation.

constellation ankle tattoo

Constellation tattoos are all kinds of beautiful. After spending about 20 minutes trying to figure out what constellation this was exactly, I got frustrated and gave up. (Photo: Tumblr)

This creative bluebird.

Cute Bluebird Tattoo on Ankle

This little bird is definitely deep into the art scene. Photography, painting, there’s nothing this bluebird can’t do. (Photo: SolArt)

This happy bee.

Little Bee Ankle Tattoo

It doesn’t get much cuter than this smiling bee that appears to not have a single care in the world.   (Photo: Doy)

This red M&M.

M&M Tattoo

“Is that an M&M tattoo on your ankle?” Why yes. Yes it is. Is anyone else now craving chocolate? (Photo: Rhiannon)

Small waves.


Because tiny minimalistic tattoos are all the rage. (Photo: Azs)

This 20’s flapper girl.


Flapper girl tattoos saw a huge surge in popularity after the latest Great Gatsby reboot, and rightfully so. The cars, costumes, and parties at those opulent mansions are enough to make even the most modern of souls yearning for a little slice of the “good old days,” even if they weren’t really so good. (Photo: Black Sail)

This heart-shaped diamond.

Small Heart-Shaped Diamond Tattoo

This little heart-shaped diamond has intricate geometric lines and a few accents to make it appear as if it’s shining bright. (Photo: Jessica Channer)

This sun and moon.

Tiny Sun and Moon Tattoo

These sure do make for a lot of great photo opportunities. Brace yourself Instagram.

This minimalistic lotus flower.

Tiny Lotus Flower on Ankle

A simple black ink minimalistic lotus flower. (Photo: Chloe)