40 Adorable Itty-Bitty Ankle Tattoos

No socks allowed.

These gorgeous flowers.

Floral Tattoo on Ankle

This artist really has a knack for creating beautiful floral works. So elegant and realistic. (Photo: Nando)

Peter Pan’s shadow.

Peter Pan Shadow Tattoo

How this artist was able to capture Pan’s elusive shadow we’ll never know. (Photo: Josep)

This geometric dog.

Small Dog Tattoo on Ankle

I know this is supposed to be a Pug or Bulldog but it really reminds me of my old Maltese.(Photo: Instagram)

This colorful snowflake.


Every snowflake reminds me of the movie Frozen. This too shall pass. Hopefully.

These red clovers.

Flowers on Ankle Tattoo

I always wondered why these purple flowers were called red clovers. Besides being food for cattle and used in various herbal remedies, these tiny flowers are edible for humans as well. Unless you’re pregnant that is. (Photo: LoLo)

These mandala elephants.

Mandala Elephants Tattoo

So delicate they almost look like a temporary tattoo. (Photo: Dr. Woo)

This initialed anchor.

Small Anchor Tattoo

(Photo: Zachariah)

This well-shaded pineapple.

Pineapple Ankle Tattoo

I’ll take one of these. Fun fact: Pineapples aren’t native to Hawaii — the state now well known for it’s Dole Pineapple plantation.  (Photo: Mike Attack)

This mysterious design.


(Photo: Berrge)

Elegant flora.

Elegant Flower Tattoo

(Photo: Doy)


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