37 Captivating Anchor Tattoos Straight From The Sea


This abstract anchor tattoo.

Abstract Anchor Tattoo by Karl Marks

(Photo: Karl Marks)

This red ribbon.

Anchor with Ribbon Tattoo by Michaella Schorr

(Photo: Michaella Schorr)

This small mandala design.

Mandala Anchor Tattoo Design by Pink Tattoos

(Photo: Pink Tattoos)

This fantastic chest piece.

Large Anchor Tattoo on Chest by Robert

(Photo: Robert)

This tiny ankle tat.

Tiny Anchor Tattoo on Ankle by Joe Christensen

(Photo: Joe Christensen)

This gorgeous galaxy piece.

Space Anchor Tattoo by Pink Tattoos

(Photo: Pink Tattoos)

These matching anchor tattoo designs.

Matching Anchor Tattoos by Alan

(Photo: Alan)

This floral design.

Floral Anchor Tattoo Design by Salome Trujillo

(Photo: Salome Trujillo)

This abstract watercolor work.

Abstract Watercolor Anchor Tattoo by Anton

(Photo: Anton)

This epic black and grey ink work.

Anchor Tattoo Design by Hakro Jones

(Photo: Hakro Jones)