35 Unbelievable Cat Tattoos That Are Guaranteed To Leave You Thoroughly Impressed

We successfully avoided using the cliche 'Purrfect' in the title. You're welcome.

This crown-wearing kitty.

Gem Cat Tattoo

Like I said before, if cute is what you’re after, then look no further than Scottish artist Michelle Maddison. (Photo: Michelle Maddison)

This Egyptian cat with a nose ring.

Egyptian Cat Tattoo

Do people actually piece their cats noses in this day and age? Seems cruel and unusual but what do I know. (Photo: Benjamin Laukis)

This psychedelic cat.

Trippy Cat Tattoo

This psychedelic cat’s beard morphs into an octopus’s tentacles. On another note, does anyone have any mushrooms? (Photo: Nika Samarina)

This kitty with a bow.

Cute Kitten Tattoo

If this cat were lost I would take it home with me and I’m super allergic to cats. (Photo: Michelle Maddison)

Blackwork siamese cat.

Blackwork Siamese Cat Tattoo

I find this elegant calf piece to be simply divine. (Photo: Jason Corbett)

These blue eyes.

Awesome Cat Tattoo

This Himalayan Persian, or Colorpoint Persian as they are sometimes referred to as, has splotches of blue ink along the border to compliment it’s eyes.  (Photo: Ewa Sroka)


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