30 Fabulous Floral Sleeve Tattoos for Women

Russia's Rom Azovsky lays down the law.

Turquoise swirls

Amazing Floral Sleeve TattooBeautiful flowers are connected by swirling blue and turquoise waved patterns. (Photo: Ty McEwen)

Pink & Black

Pink and black floral sleeve tattoo

Black and white leaves frame watercolor-style pink roses. (Photo: unknown)

These bold outlines

Pretty floral tattoo sleeve

Repeating floral designs are filled with a swirling water pattern. (Photo: unknown)

This Technicolor sleeve

vivid floral full sleeve tattoo

This strikingly vivid floral sleeve includes what looks like a deer skull. (Photo: Nika Samarina)

Natures creatures

Gorgeous Flower Sleeve Tattoo

Here we have a frog, a snake, a bumblebee, a hornet, a hummingbird, and a praying mantis. (Photo: unknown)

This intricate sleeve

Beautiful full sleeve tattoo

Details, details, details. Spectacular piece. (Photo: unknown)

This shoulder piece

Shoulder/sleeve floral tattoo

Here we have flowers in various stages of their lives. Budding, wilting, and in full bloom. (Photo: Ramsey)

Pink roses

Red rose full sleeve tattoo

The unfilled gaps between the flowers look surprisingly good. (Photo: unknown)

This beautiful flowering branch

Beautiful pink flower sleeve

(Photo: Baraka)

These tiny vines

awesome floral tattoo sleeve

Three large flowers connected by scrolling vines and wispy shadows. (Photo: Sean Wright)


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