30 Fabulous Floral Sleeve Tattoos for Women

Russia's Rom Azovsky lays down the law.

Gorgeous Floral Sleeve Tattoo

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Floral full sleeve tattoo

Floral sleeve tattoo beautiful

(Photos: Rom Azovsky)

These frolicking birds

Floral Half Sleeve Tattoo

Does this remind anyone else of a bottle of Arizona Tea? Beautiful. (Photo: Ellen)

This illustrative style sleeve

Illustrative Full Sleeve Floral Tattoo

Illustrative meets Japanese traditional. (Photo: unknown)

This scrolling pattern

Creative Floral Full Sleeve Tattoo

A yellow scrolling detail contrasts well with the light pink flowers. (Photo: Jeff Gogue)

These black and white roses

Black & White Floral Sleeve Tattoo

While the beauty of flowers is manly attributed to their vibrant colors, it’s tough not to appreciate the undeniable elegance of this monochromatic piece. (Photo: unknown)

These artistic flowers

Large floral sleeve tattoo

(Photo: Kamil)

This Cherry Blossom branch

Cherry Blossom Full Sleeve Tattoo

Budding Cherry Blossoms cover a branch which begins at the shoulder and finishes at the wrist. Two floating pink feathers can also be seen. (Photo: unknown)