28 Brilliant Baby Tattoos For Only The Proudest of Parents

This is how it's done.

For Charlie.

Baby Footprint Tattoo by Mike Philo

This concept is cool. The footprint appears as if it’s made of soot with the child’s name written into it. (Photo: Mike Philo)

This name and birthdate.

Baby Footprint Tattoo by Amanda Riner

A great font really brings a work together. (Photo: Amanda Riner)

This watercolor impressions.

Watercolor Footprint/Palmprint tattoo by Celso

A palm print for one child and a footprint for the other. Wonder what’s next? (Photo: Celso)

These long toes.

Baby Footprint Tattoo by Diggy

Great location but those are some seriously long toes. (Photo: Diggy)

This baby birdcage.

Baby in Birdcage Tattoo by Squid Yu

A baby sleeps peacefully in a birdcage while wrapped snuggly in a blanket. This neo traditional work reaches a new level of wonderment with it’s elegant composition. (Photo: Squid Yu)

In Utero.

Baby in Womb Tattoo

Definitely different, this interesting bicep work provides a unique peak into the womb. (Photo: Marta Scout)

These matching baby feet.

Matching Baby Footprint Tattoos by Makita

Here we have one of the most creative examples we’ve come across in a while. A brilliant design that gets both parents involved. (Photo: Makita)

These back shoulder pieces.

Baby Footprint Tattoo by Needle Spin

One foot for each child. Korean names by the looks of them. (Photo: Needle Spin)

This negative space piece.

Mother with Infant Tattoo by Izmit Dovme

Absolutely divine. (Photo: Izmit Dovme)

This adorable baby foot.

Baby Foot Tattoo by Gerrit Beckman

Amazing crease work on the sole and what looks to be a curly hair between the big toe. (Photo: Gerrit Beckman)

This scrolling font.

Baby Footprint Tattoo by Lucky's

It’s always startling seeing birth dates of recently born babies. Makes one feel so old. (Photo: Lucky’s)

This delightful dotwork design.

Dotwork Baby Tattoo by Adina

Nailed it. The only dotwork design on the list. (Photo: Adina)

This purple bow.

Baby Footprint Tattoo by Ami

(Photo: Ami)

These adorable baby fingers.

Baby Hand Tattoo by Hot Rod

Fat little fingers are so adorable. (Photo: Hot Rod)

For Alan.

Hyperrealism Baby Foot Tattoo by Slawek Sadowski

(Photo: Slawek Sadowski Slav)

These wooden blocks.

Baby Play Block Tattoo by Jessie Heart

Another beautiful block piece—giraffe and all. (Photo: Jessie Heart)



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