27 Amazing Cross Stitch Tattoo Designs

This new trend is anything but old fashioned.

This old school television set.

Cool Cross Stitch Tattoo Design

This old school TV comes compete with rabbit ears and dial turn knobs. Whatever is on the TV is done in the cross-stitch style while the rest of the TV isn’t. (Photo: Eva)

This perched songbird.

Cross Stitch Songbird Tattoo by Mariette

Chirp chirp goes the little birdie. (Photo: Mariette)

This tricep pattern.

Best Cross Stitch Tattoo Designs

Wonderful stitching that reminds you of an old mosaic bathroom floor. (Photo: Dina)

A dinosaur.

Cross Stitch Dinosaur Tattoo Design

Not so fierce looking. We’re almost tempted to make him our pet. (Photo: Eva)

This slender stem.

Floral Cross Stitch Tattoo Design

Is this supposed to be a pinwheel? (Photo: Eva)

This Superman symbol.

Superman Cross Stitch Tattoo Design

To the rescue! (Photo: Mariette)

These two cherries.

Cross Stitch Cherry Tattoo

Because who doesn’t like cherries. (Photo: Eva)

This big blue whale.

Cross Stitch Blue Whale Tattoo

Here we have a beautiful blue whale. The largest creature to ever roam this planet. (Photo: Eva)

This mini Hulk.

Cross Stitch Hulk Tattoo

The not-so-incredible Hulk. (Photo: Eva)

This perfect pug.

Cross Stitch Dog Tattoo by Mariette

This blue and pink pug. Or at least we think it’s a pug. (Photo: Mariette)

This single heart.

Small Cross Stitch Heart Tattoo

And not a single bad word was ever said about this tattoo. (Photo: Eva)

This back shoulder piece.

Cross Stitch Fox Tattoo by Mariette

This cross-stitch fox looks like something that belongs in an old school Nintendo game. (Photo: Mariette)


Cross Stitch Flower Tattoo Design

Flowers are by far the most popular subject matter for cross-stitchers both young and old. (Photo: Eva)


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