25 Perfectly Cute Panda Tattoos

Spoiler alert: baby pandas inside.

This angry panda.

Angry Watercolor Panda Tattoo by Chad Dupraw

Someone woke up on the wrong side of the mountain. Pandas spend most of their time at high altitudes–the only place where most of their precious bamboo grows. (Photo: Chad Dupraw)

This stick-up.

Panda Tattoo Design by Valerie Desautel

Recently it’s been argued that this world famous Banksy stencil may not have been painted by Banksy at all. How weird would that be? One of Banksy’s most iconic pieces might be the work of another artist. According to some, the work belongs to a French artist who designed the logo for record company Bad Panda Records. Perhaps we’ll never know. (Photo: Valerie Desautel)

This stomach tat.

Panda Tattoo by Anna Yershova

Geometric funk from one of our favorite up-and-coming artists. (Photo: Anna Yeshova)

This delightful design.

Panda Tattoo Design by Dr. Woo

This soft portrayal of one of mother natures biggest creatures makes you wanna curl up in those soft arms and go to sleep. Dr. Woo’s work always has that signature diffused look to it that can only be described as elegant.

This hand tat.

Panda Tattoo on Hand by Sven Rayen

Unique indeed. (Photo: Sven Rayen)

This heart-felt design.

Panda Tattoo Design by Simona Blanar

This would be perfect for a Valentine’s Day card. Simon Blanar strikes again.

This tiny WWF foot tattoo.

Tiny Panda Tattoo on Foot

How cute is this. (Photo: Jill Cooper)

This mandala-infused panda.

Mandala Panda Tattoo Design by Mike Harper

Lately we’ve been seeing a lot of dotwork mandala work and this is one of the best examples. Even though it’s a panda, it still demonstrates just how devastatingly beautiful the two styles can be when combined together. (Photo: Mike Harper)

This adorable baby panda.

Baby Panda Tattoo by Art Rock

There are no words—only baby sounds—that can describe how adorable this little panda is. (Photo: Art Rock)

This patterned panda.

Watercolor Panda Tattoo by Petra Hlavackova

There’s a lot going on here but what really stands out is the beautiful leaf work on the legs. (Photo: Petra Hlavackova)

This intricate design.

Detailed Panda Tattoo Design by Coen Mitchell

No words. (Photo: Coen Mitchell)

This cuddly creature.

Cute Baby Panda Tattoo by Amanda Meehan

Another baby panda holding a bamboo stalk. More please. (Photo: Amanda Meehan)

This roaring panda.

Panda Tattoo Design by Jay

Look out. This piece would surely scare my little dog. She’s afraid of plastic bags, low floating balloons, her own image in the mirror, and cardboard cutouts of celebrities at Blockbuster (RIP). (Photo: Jay)

This ankle piece.

Baby Panda Tattoo Design by Michela Bottin

So kawaii. (Photo: Michela Bottin)


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