You’ll stare at these mesmerizing mermaid tattoos for hours

Is that you, Ariel?

This forearm work.

Mermaid tattoo on forearm by June Jung

(Photo: June Jung)

This sketch style mermaid tattoo.

Sketch style mermaid tattoo by Lucas Martinelli

(Photo: Lucas Martinelli)

This delicate Little Mermaid tattoo.

Delicate little mermaid tattoo by Hello Tattoo

(Photo: Hello Tattoo)

These seashells.

Mermaid tattoo design by Sandra Cunha

(Photo: Sandra Cunha)

This hint of red ink.

Mermaid tattoo design by Felipe Kross

(Photo: Felipe Kross)

This linework design.

Linework mermaid tattoo by Felipe Kross

(Photo: Felipe Kross)


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