The 50 Best Cherry Blossom Tattoos Ever Inked

Also known as 'Sakura' in Japan.

This tiny s-shaped branch.

Minimal s-shaped cherry blossom tattoo by Adam Tyler Zinanni

(Photo: Adam Tyler Zinanni)

These back shoulder cherry blossoms.

Back shoulder cherry blossom tattoos by Casey Heart

(Photo: Casey Heart)

These cool leaves.

Cherry blossom tattoo by Yukkei So

(Photo: Yukkei So)

These painted cherry blossoms.

Painted cherry blossom tattoo by Studio Muscat

(Photo: Studio Muscat)

This perfect ankle tat.

Cherry blossoms on ankle by Studio Muscat

(Photo: Studio Muscat)

Dos blossoms.


Notice how the edges of the petals match the skin tone perfectly. (Photo: hoanganhthien)

This small branch.


As far as tiny cherry blossom tattoos go, this one’s right up there with the best I’ve seen. (Photo: skinnylove)

This feeding birdie.


Although it’s not a hummingbird’s first choice, they have been known to slurp down the sweet nectar hidden inside cherry blossoms. (Photo: Live Canvas)

This dainty shoulder piece.


While hyperrealistic tattoos are undeniably beautiful, simpler style designs are just as attractive. (Photo: Brea)

This varying depth of field.


Here we have a unique spin on things. Two branches, one faded slightly to make it appear as if it’s set further back than the branch in the foreground. Not sure if I’m quite feeling the effect as the artist intended but it’s still a beautiful piece. (Photo: Bridget)