The 50 Best Cherry Blossom Tattoos Ever Inked

Also known as 'Sakura' in Japan.

This gorgeous full side piece.


A beautiful piece as a whole but what really stands out to me is the stellar job done on the bark. (Photo: Bee Sting)

This single blossom on thigh.

Cherry blossom on thigh via Rei

(Photo: Rei)

This small branch on wrist.

Small cherry blossom branch on wrist by Pete Zebley

(Photo: Pete Zebley)

This forearm piece.

Cherry blossoms on forearm by Studio Muscat

(Photo: Studio Muscat)

This wonderful wrist work.

Cherry blossoms on wrist by Cris Oliveira

(Photo: Cris Oliveira)

This epic watercolor back piece.

Watercolor cherry blossoms on back by Pete Zebley

(Photo: Pete Zebley)

These hummingbirds.

Hummingbirds and cherry blossoms by Greg McDonald

(Photo: Greg McDonald)

This black and grey ink collarbone tattoo.

Black and grey ink cherry blossoms on collarbone by Wonjun Jang

(Photo: Wonjun Jang)

This elegant single blossom.

Single cherry blossom on forearm by Barythaya

(Photo: Barythaya)

This smooth forearm piece.

Smooth cherry blossom piece on forearm by Ghandy39

(Photo: Ghandy39)