Literally Every Summer Tattoo You Never Knew You Needed

Sizzle Sizzle.

This sunset.

by Guseul

(Photo: Guseul)

Here we have another gorgeous example of a sunset landscape. What better way to capture summer than by capturing a beautiful sunset to remember forever?


by Miss Trudy

(Photo: Miss Trudy)

Thanks to relatively recent developments in the industry, designs like this wisp of smoke are now possible. I’ve seen similar designs to the one above, but this one is by far the most expansive. If this design appeals to you, the abstractness of the smoke allows you to hide shapes and figures within.

This watercolor landscape.

by Chenjie

(Photo: Chenjie)

At first glance I wasn’t exactly sure what I was looking at here. But then everything snapped into place like one of those Magic Eye posters and I was overcome with appreciation for what appears to be a complete watercolor masterpiece.

This moon.

by Tina Choi

(Photo: Tina Choi)

Everyone at Hello Tattoo Studio creates the most wonderful floral moons. So much so that it seems as though we include at least one in every list we make. This design includes two beautiful lotus flowers—one pink, one purple.

This olive branch.

by Chenjie

(Photo: Chenjie)

So this is what a real olive branch looks like. Usually when you hear “olive branch,” you think of something a little more plain and far less interesting. Who would have thought, an illustrated olive branch with actual olives on it!

This fern.

by Lindsay April

(Photo: Lindsay April)

Lindsay April is the Queen of foliage. And if you’re wondering what I mean by “Queen of foliage,” take a few seconds to visit her Instagram and you’ll know exactly where I’m coming from. Lindsay has an open door policy to all types of leaves. Flowers need not apply.

This sea turtle.

by Tiago Oliveira

(Photo: Tiago Oliveira)

Sea turtles are everyone’s favorite type of turtle. They’re docile, sweet, and about as innocent as can be. So of course they they pop up with regularity on the tattoo scene. This particular black and grey ink sea turtle is perfectly placed, and something I’d be quite happy to own myself.

This chest piece.

by Tritoan Ly

(Photo: Tritoan Ly)

The elegance of this piece can not be overstated. Everything from the subtle use of color to the lightly-drawn lines to the placement of the piece itself just oozes sophistication and class. It’s something of a rarity to find color in Tritoan’s work so it’s extra special when he releases something as wonderful as this.

This cat.

by Zlata

(Photo: Zlata)

This forearm piece.

by Olga Koroleva

(Photo: Olga Koroleva)