99 Girly Tattoos to Consider for 2017

New year = new ink.

This glass case.

Rose in a glass enclosure by Carin Silver

Inspired by the Disney film Beauty and the Beast, this rose floating inside a glass case has been reproduced on a few different occasions. A chance to tattoo glass lets the artist put their reflection skills on full display. (Photo: Carin Silver)

This spectacular flower-filled crescent moon.

Flower-filled crescent moon by Tattooist Grain

This is the first of many floral crescent moon tattoos on the list. While we don’t usually like to include multiple examples of the same design on our lists, there were just too many amazing examples in this particular style floating around right now to pass up. This design is unique in the fact that it features jewelry work hanging from the moon.  (Photo: Grain)

This wonderful painted forearm piece.

Watercolor flower on forearm by Magdalena Bujak

As you probably noticed, realistic florals are a huge thing right now. Roses, lilacs, and other common flowers have always been popular tattoo choices but now we are starting to see a wide range of different flora being inked. (Photo: Magdalena Bujak)

These paper airplanes.

Paper airplanes on airplane by Shel Tattoo

Tattooist River and Anton do some really cool mini paper airplanes. Here we have three different colored flyers tattooed high on the ankle. (Photo: Anton)

These phases of the moon.

Phases of the moon by Doctor Woo

We have featured a few different “phases of the moon” tattoos over the past year. This design by Brian Woo adds a naturalistic twist to things by incorporating botanical designs on each individual moon. (Photo: Doctor Woo)

This slender watercolor flower.

Slender watercolor flower on back by Anton

Gorgeous watercolor poppy tattoo, check. Now on to purchasing all of those new backless tops. (Photo: Anton)

This diver.

Diver by Violeta Arus

Well, this is cool, and a definite conversation piece.  (Photo: Violeta Arus)

This spider.

Spider earing tattoo by Zihee

Earring tattoos are not as popular as you would think. But this little spider design shows you just how fun they can be. (Photo: Zihee)

This olive branch.

Olive branch tattoo by Doy

Did you know that green olives are just unripe black olives? This tattoo design is not your typical olive branch. It’s so much better.  (Photo: Doy)

This watercolor jay.

Watercolor jay by Koray Karagozler

Koray is one of our favorite watercolor tattoo artists. Working strictly in the watercolor style, Koray’s designs are always full of color and over-the-top awe-inspiring.  (Photo: Koray Karagozler)