99 Girly Tattoos to Consider for 2017

New year = new ink.

This lavender ear tat.

Lavender flower on ear by Nando

This ear tattoo is done to perfection. What a unique location. (Photo: Nando)

This watercolor fox with butterflies.

Watercolor fox with butterflies by Stupenka

Possibly inspired by a scene from The Fox and the Hound?  (Photo: Stupenka)

This tasteful globe.

Tasteful globe tattoo by Tattooist Flower

This abstract dotwork globe is accented with geometric lines and shapes as well as a few leaves. (Photo: Tattooist Flower)

This watercolor bird on a branch.

Watercolor bird on a branch tattoo by Jemka

OK, what came first, the tattoo or the shirt? (Photo: Jemka)

This rose on forearm.

Rose on forearm by Diego Monteiro

Here we have a dotwork rose surrounded by a triangle. (Photo: Diego Monteiro)

This fancy rose.

Fancy rose by Tattooist Banul

A pretty pink rose is always a popular tattoo design for women. Especially if you have the chance to get one from the talented South Korean tattooist Banul.  (Photo: Banul)

This cooky cat.

Linework cat tattoo by Panakota

Created using a series of lines, this cat is cute, if a little bit scary. (Photo: Panakota)

These spray paint roses.

Spray paint rose tattoo by Uncl Paul

Uncl Paul is known for his unique spray paint/graffiti style. Not to be confused with the watercolor technique, the graffiti style has been adopted by several artists but we have to say, no one quite does it like Uncl Paul. (Photo: Uncl Paul)

This crazy cool back piece.

Dotwork masterpiece by Gergo Augusztiny

What is this craziness?!? Awesome. (Photo: Gergo Augusztiny)

These butterflies.

Butterflies by Marshall Smith

In the past two years x-ray tattoos have become a thing. The first examples to show up were flowers, followed by virtually everything else including these blackwork butterflies. (Photo: Marshall Smith)