80+ Ultra Pretty Tattoos for Women 2019

Just in case you need more ink incentive.

These ornamental geometric triangles.

Ornamental geometric triangles by Man Yao

(Photo: Man Yao)

This text stem.

Text stem by Anna Botyk

(Photo: Anna Botyk)

This back shoulder piece.

Back shoulder piece by Violeta Arus

(Photo: Violeta Arus)

This simple red bracelet.

Simple red bracelet by Juodi Dygsniai

(Photo: Juodi Dygsniai)

This walk on the beach.

Walk on the beach by Amanda Piejak

(Photo: Amanda Piejak)

This curious kitty.

Curious kitty by Amanda Piejak

(Photo: Amanda Piejak)

This dreamcatcher.

Dreamcatcher by Greem

(Photo: Greem)

This sunflower.

Sunflower by Cholo

(Photo: Cholo)

This dandelion.

Dandelion by B-high

(Photo: B-high)

This color shifting line.

Color shifting line by Yaroslav Putyata

(Photo: Yaroslav Putyata)