100+ Gorgeous Tattoos You Can’t Live Without This Summer

The perfect tattoos for the hottest season.

100+ Gorgeous Tattoos You Can't Live Without This Summer

It’s starting to get hot outside which means it’s time to stow all those winter clothes under your bed to make room for everything summer. New clothes, makeup, and of course shoes, but wait, wasn’t there something else you were planning on getting that would totally inspire your friends to follow suit and make you the bonafide trendsetter of summer 2017? Oh ya…a tattoo!

The offseason is usually the best time to get inked because then by the time summer rolls around everything is already healed and looks great. But don’t worry, if you didn’t plan ahead and fall into the “World class procrastinator” category, it’s never too late. Regardless if you’ve already settled on a design or not, if you’re planning on getting a tattoo this summer, this article is an absolute must read. Here, a collection of various tattoo designs that showcase the best trends that are guaranteed to be everywhere this summer. Don’t miss out!

This single blossom.

Flower blossom by Mini Lau

We know, floral tattoos are absolutely everywhere on our blog, but since it’s summer, and they’re not getting any less popular, expect a lot of floral tattoos over the summer as artists meet their client’s demands. This blossom features a touch of white ink to subtly highlight the light pink tones.  (Photo: Mini Lau)

This maypole.

Circular maypole tattoo by Ondrash

For those of you who have never been to a European folk festival, you’re missing out. The maypole dance is a fascinating event which includes colorful pieces of fabric being wrapped and weaved around a large pole. The scale of the maypole varies considerably but most have a ring at the top to which all the banners are anchored.  (Photo: Ondrash)

This daisy.

Daisy on hand by Luvita

Sometimes a little courage and a bold design can really pay off. If your job permits, hand tattoos can be executed with devastating effect as seen in the photo above. With all the negative stigma surrounding finger and hand tattoos, it’s nice to see people NGAF. While the large daisy gets most of the attention in this case, the wrist section is definitely our favorite.   (Photo: Luvita)

This blossoming rose.

Blossoming rose tattoo by Drag Ink

It’s tough to say who started the whole “Blossoming flower” concept but as more and more artists start to experiment with the design, we get treated to a variety of different styles, with each having its own unique twist. This design features a full stem on the rose in the last stage of bloom. (Photo: Drag Ink)

This abstract tropical design.

Guam by Balazs Bercsenyi

Good luck taking this design to your local tattooist and saying “This please.” But it is a great representation of just how beautiful and awe-inspiring abstract designs can be. Whatever it is you have your mind set on, consider giving it an abstract twist for a more unique feel.  (Photo: Balazs Bercsenyi)

This micro hummingbird.

Micro hummingbird tattoo by Tusz Za Rogiem

If you’re a little nervous about getting a tattoo, or perhaps just a cautious person by nature, a small tattoo can emerge as the perfect compromise between getting a larger piece and not getting anything at all. As for the amazing little tat above, we’re not sure what we like more, the design or the location. Everything just fell into place perfectly.  (Photo: Tusz Za Rogiem)

This gorgeous mandala gradient.

Mandala gradient by Isa Art

As much as we love the concept of Jasmine riding an elephant, what really stands out in this design is the gorgeous gradient of color throughout the piece, and the way it perfectly pairs with the ornamental pattern. So much can be done with this color/pattern combination. (Photo: Isa Art)

These watercolor waves.

Watercolor waves by Georgia Grey

I know, I never shut up about Georgia’s divine brush stroke style but come on, you have eyes as well. Waves are the perfect summer tattoo that will definitely have you scampering for that perfect Instagram photo in hopes of having your 5 minutes of fame. (Photo: Georgia Grey)

This camellia blossom.

Camellia blossom by Amanda Wachob

How beautiful is this? It’s always nice to see the lesser known flowers get ink time, especially when they turn out like this. When we compare modern floral tattoos to those done, say, 15 years ago the difference is night and day. Most people attribute it to better inks but it’s actually a combination of better inks and better technique.  (Photo: Amanda Wachob)

This stunning floral thigh piece.

Stunning floral thigh piece by Nando

As opposed to single blossoms, we’re starting to see a lot more bouquets this year including non traditional flowers which is a welcome trend.  (Photo: Nando)