80 Ridiculously Cool Tattoos For Men

Of course you'll be Yelping local tattoo shops before you're done reading this.

This stylish portrait.

Futuristic portrait by Lonewolf Goddog

(Photo: Lonewolf Goddog)

This smokey portrait.

Smokey portrait by Bleeding Canvas

(Photo: Bleeding Canvas)

This heavy blackwork cuff.

Heavy blackwork cuff by Dynamo

(Photo: Dynamo)

This epic back piece.

Epic back piece by Fin Tattoos

(Photo: Fin Tattoos)

This fox.

Fox and waves by Dino Nemec

(Photo: Dino Nemec)

This beautiful timepiece.

Timepiece by Fez

(Photo: Fez)

This Great Wave of Kanagawa.

Great Wave of Kanagawa by Fin Tattoos

(Photo: Fin Tattoos)

This T-rex tattoo.

T-rex tattoo by Fraser Peek

(Photo: Fraser Peek)

This Moby Dick design.

Moby Dick tattoo by Tattooist River

(Photo: Tattooist River)

This skull and crown.

Skull and crown tattoo by David Rinklin

(Photo: David Rinklin)