80 Ridiculously Cool Tattoos For Men

Of course you'll be Yelping local tattoo shops before you're done reading this.


Carnage tattoo by Nikko Hurtado

(Photo: Nikko Hurtado)

This silver spoon.

Silver spoon tattoo by Pelaez

(Photo: Pelaez)

This double exposure stag.

Double exposure stag tattoo by Ash Timlin

(Photo: Ash Timlin)

This colorful sleeve in progress.

Colorful sleeve in progress by Martynas Snioka

(Photo: Martynas Snioka)

This black and grey ink watercolor beetle.

Black and grey ink watercolor beetle by Felipe Rodrigues Fe Rod

(Photo: Felipe Rodrigues Fe Rod)

This cubed impossible triangle.

Cubed impossible triangle tattoo by Ivan Androsov

(Photo: Ivan Androsov)

This half geometric heart.

Half geometric heart by Diogo Rocha

(Photo: Diogo Rocha)

This mesmerizing pattern.

Mesmerizing pattern by Tomas Tomas

(Photo: Tomas Tomas)

This high tech chest tat.

High tech chest piece by Daniel Matsumoto

(Photo: Daniel Matsumoto)

This skull tat.

Skull tat by CATHARSIS

(Photo: Catharsis)