70 Tiny Tattoos For Women With Minimalist Mindsets

Long live the tiny tattoo.

This colorful flower bouquet.

Colorful floral bouquet by Tattooist River

(Photo: River)

This crescent moon.

Crescent moon tattoo by Handitrip

(Photo: Handitrip)

This tiny turtle.

Tiny turtle tattoo by Lilo

(Photo: Lilo)

This gradient deer.

Gradient deer tattoo by Raice Wong

(Photo: Raice Wong)

This moon.

Small moon tattoo by Jakub Nowicz

(Photo: Jakub Nowicz)

This rising sun.

Rising sun tattoo by Jon Boy

(Photo: Jon Boy)

This constellation and seashell.

Constellation and seashell tattoo by Violeta Arus

(Photo: Violeta Arus)

This galaxy forest.

Galaxy forest by Tattoo With Me

(Photo: Tattoo With Me)

This minimalistic paw print.

Minimalistic paw print tattoo by Jakub Nowicz

(Photo: Jakub Nowicz)

This beautiful rose.

Beautiful rose tattoo by Bryan Gutierrez

(Photo: Bryan Gutierrez)