65 Charming Tattoo Designs All Introverts Will Appreciate

So cool.

Let yourself be seen.

'Let yourself be seen' by Isaiah Negrete

(Photo: Isaiah Negrete)

This invisible man.

Invisible man by Stropky

(Photo: Stropky)

This koala.

Koala by Doctor Woo

(Photo: Doctor Woo)

This blackwork bracelet.

Blackwork bracelet by Stropky

(Photo: Stropky)

This sun and moon.

Sun and moon by Hongdam

(Photo: Hongdam)

This golden pineapple.

Golden pineapple by Luiza Oliveira

(Photo: Luiza Oliveira)

These holding hands.

Holding hands by Stropky

(Photo: Stropky)


'Meow' by Banul

(Photo: Banul)

This comic illustration.

Comic illustration by Stropky

(Photo: Stropky)

This skeleton.

Skeleton by Doctor Woo

(Photo: Doctor Woo)

This inspirational work.

Inspirational words by Jon Boy

(Photo: Jon Boy)



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