60+ Amazing Sleeve Tattoos for Men & Women

A captivating mixture of half and full sleeves.

This stunning swirl.

Stunning swirling sleeve by Fabio Sciascia

(Photo: Fabio Sciascia)

This negative space band.

Spiraling sleeve tattoo by Ervand Akopov

(Photo: Ervand Akopov)

This abstract watercolor sleeve.

Abstract watercolor sleeve by Hami Tattoo

(Photo: Hami Tattoo)

This epic half sleeve.

Epic half sleeve tattoo by Oscar Akermo

(Photo: Oscar Akermo)

This armored sleeve.

Armored sleeve tattoo by Steven Mckenzie

(Photo: Steven Mckenzie)

This geometric masterpiece.

Geometric sleeve by Effedots

(Photo: Effedots)

This black and grey ink sleeve.

Black and grey ink sleeve by Gara

(Photo: Gara)

This gambling themed sleeve.

Gambling themed sleeve by Nixx

(Photo: Nixx)

This paisley sleeve.

Paisley full sleeve tattoo by Scady Alyona

(Photo: Scady Alyona)

This mesmerizing pattern.

Full sleeve tattoo by Lewisink

(Photo: Lewisink)