50 Lion Tattoos That Are 100 Percent Epic

Holy crap.

This foot tat.

Lion tattoo on foot by Kristina Darmaeva

(Photo: Kristina Darmaeva)

This geometric lion.

Geometric lion by Resul Odabas

(Photo: Resul Odabas)

This cosmic creation.

Cosmic lion tattoo by Fin Tattoos

(Photo: Fin Tattoos)

This black marker piece.

Marker style lion tattoo by Ael Lim

(Photo: Ael Lim)

This watercolor rib cage work.

Watercolor lion tattoo on rib cage by Alejandra Idarraga

(Photo: Alejandra Idarraga)

This small lion tattoo.

Small lion tattoo on forearm by Elisabeth Markov

(Photo: Elisabeth Markov)

This shattered lion piece.

Shattered lion by Shpadyreva Julia

(Photo: Shpadyreva Julia)

This amazing watercolor design.

Watercolor lion by Pablo Ortiz

(Photo: Pablo Ortiz)

This cross.

Lion tattoo by Felipe Mello

(Photo: Felipe Mello)

This total bicep piece.

Lion tattoo on bicep by Tripps

(Photo: Tripps)


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