50 Earth Shattering Space Tattoos That Are Literally Out Of This World

Prepare to be dazzled.

This triangle

Creative Triangular Space Tattoo

A wonderful triangular window into the universe. (Photo: unknown)

This scrolling pattern

Amazing Space Mural Tattoo

An impressionist’s rendering of the universe accented by scrolling cut out shapes. (Photo: Amanda Noland)


Man Staring Into Space Tattoo

A man staring out the window of a spaceship perhaps? (Photo: David Cote)

This pixelated shoulder piece

Space cosmos shoulder tattoo

Fun fact: 1,300,000 planet Earth’s can fit inside the Sun. (Photo: Chronic Ink)

This epic sleeve

Amazing Space Themed Full Sleeve

An astronaut works on his shuttle in Earth’s orbit with the sun and a nearby planet in the background. (Photo: unknown)

This ball of fusion

Planets in Space Tattoo

(Photo: Remis Tattoo)

Earth, sky, universe

Full Sleeve Space Tattoo

This full sleeve with a unique texture. (Photo: unknown)

These orbiting planets

Planets Orbiting in Space tattoo

8 regular planets and one dwarf planet orbiting the Sun. (Photo: Johnny Pagnam)

This picture in picture

abstract space tattoo

Style, check. Creativity, check. Pretty girl, check. Bravo. (Photo: Pavel Krim)

This universal sign for peace

Space Peace Sign Tattoo

Pun intended. (Photo: unknown)



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