50 Earth Shattering Space Tattoos That Are Literally Out Of This World

Prepare to be dazzled.

These colliding planets

Colliding Planets Space Tattoo

One planet breaks up as it smashes into a much larger planet. Or is that an asteroid? (Photo: Jesse Rix)

This dotwork astronaut.

Dotwork Astronaut by Lawrence Edwards

(Photo: Lawrence Edwards)

This red giant

Mars Space Tattoo

Possibly Mars and one of it’s moons? (Mathew Clarke)

This spiral galaxy

Black and White Spiral Space Tattoo

Appears to be the Milky Way, or perhaps somewhere cool & new we have yet to explore…(Photo: Samantha Sue)

These colorful planets

Colorful Planets Space Tattoo

A look at a few colorful planets through the trees of the forest. (Photo: unknown)

This cosmic forearm tattoo

Cosmic Space Forearm Tattoo

(Photo: Tribo)

This jazzy full sleeve

Full Sleeve Outer Space Tattoo

So many beautiful things going on here. Kind of reminds you of movie theater carpet. (Photo: Arrows & Embers)

This spacewalk reflection

Apollo Moonlanding Tattoo

A great view of the Apollo moon landing in the reflection of an astronaut’s visor. One of my favorites. (Photo: Liz Cook)

These Nika Samarina works

Out of this world space tattoo

Cosmic Eye Space Tattoo