50 Devastatingly Delightful Dandelion Tattoos

You'll want to be sitting down for this one.

These watercolor blues.

Watercolor Dandelion Tattoo by Szu Fan

(Photo: Szu Fan)

This hot air balloon.

Hot Air Balloon Dandelion Tattoo

(Photo: Edu Meca)

This single taraxacum.

Single Dandelion Tattoo by Stuart Dooley

(Photo: Stuart Dooley)

This pink dandelion.

Pink Dandelion Tattoo by Jessica Channer

(Photo: Jessica Channer)

This complete plant.

Dandelion Plant Tattoo by Aenea

(Photo: Aenea)

This hand-poked piece.

Minimalistic Dandelion Tattoo by Laura M. J.

(Photo: Laura M. J.)

This brilliant ladybug.

Tiny Dandelion Wrist Tattoo

(Photo: Ridge Young)

This turquoise stem.

Watercolor Dandelion Tattoo by Patrick Squires

(Photo: Patrick Squires)

This sketch work mobile.

Sketchwork Dandelion Tattoo by Jason Maybruck

(Photo: Jason Maybruck)