These 47 Fox Tattoos Are The Best You’ll Ever See

Also, a wolf or two.

This adorable forearm fox tattoo.

Fox tattoo on forearm by Wolf and Wren

(Photo: Wolf and Wren)

These baby foxes.

Baby fox tattoos by Evgeny Kopanov

(Photo: Evgeny Kopanov)

This spectacular rib cage piece.

Spectacular fox tattoo on rib cage by Jessica Svartvit

(Photo: Jessica Svartvit)

This large chest piece.

Fox tattoo on chest by Matt Curzon

(Photo: Matt Curzon)

This linework maned wolf.

Maned wolf tattoo by Suflanda

(Photo: Suflanda)

This beautiful blackwork back shoulder piece.

Beautiful blackwork fox tattoo on back shoulder by Diana Severinenko

(Photo: Diana Severinenko)

This floral fox tattoo design on thigh.

Floral fox tattoo on thigh by Alex Rowntree

(Photo: Alex Rowntree)


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