These 47 Fox Tattoos Are The Best You’ll Ever See

Also, a wolf or two.

This sleepy little red fox.

Sleepy little red fox tattoo by Fin Tattoos

(Photo: Fin Tattoos)

Half and half.

Half and half fox tattoos by Michele Volpi

(Photo: Michele Volpi)

This fox in a frame.

Elegant fox in a fram tattoo by Eva Krbdk

(Photo: Eva Krbdk)

This dotwork fox tattoo.

Dotwork fox tattoo by Jules Gordon

(Photo: Jules Gordon)

This hungry fox.

Blackwork fox tattoo by Dino Nemec

(Photo: Dino Nemec)

This abstract fox tattoo.

Abstract fox tattoo by Cynthia Sobraty

(Photo: Cynthia Sobraty)

This surreal landscape fox tattoo.

Surreal landscape fox tattoo by Andy Marsh

(Photo: Andy Marsh)

These cool colors.

Fox tattoo by Cynthia Sobraty

(Photo: Cynthia Sobraty)

This colorful sketch style fox.

Colorful sketch style fox tattoo by Kamil Mokot

(Photo: Kamil Mokot)

This dapper fox.

Dapper fox tattoo by Suflanda

(Photo: Suflanda)