45 Matching Tattoo Designs for Couples, Siblings, and BFFs

These anchor sister tattoos.

Matching anchors for sisters by Ana Gonzalez Saravia

(Photo: Ana Gonzalez Saravia)

These matching planes.

Matching plane tattoos by Lilo

(Photo: Lilo)

These dotwork cats.

Dotwork cats by Saskia Viney

(Photo: Saskia Viney)

These couple clovers.

Couple clover tattoos by Tattooist Doy

(Photo: Tattooist Doy)


This connecting mandala design.

Connecting mandala flower by Abi Hack

(Photo: Abi Hack)

These matching dragonflies.

Matching dragonfly tattoos by Carla Galvao

(Photo: Carla Galvao)

These wishbone tattoos for best friends.

Wishbone best friend tattoos by Austin Chitwood

(Photo: Austin Chitwood)

This matching sun and moon.

Matching sun and moon tattoos by Thanh Ho

(Photo: Thanh Ho)

These matching hand poked tats.

Matching hand poked tats by Lara Maju

(Photo: Lara Maju)