45 Fascinating Dragonfly Tattoo Designs

Our favorite member of the Odonata family.

This beautiful dragonfly tattoo on foot.

Beautiful dragonfly tattoo on foot by Catalin Druga

This dragonfly has a three-dimensional feel to it with a color scheme that is out of this world. The sheen on top of the head gives the appearance of two large eyes. (Photo: Catalin Druga)

This geometric half fly.

Geometric dragonfly piece on forearm by Ana Godoy

Here we have half a dragonfly diamond design. Crisp and clear. (Photo: Ana Godoy)

This watercolor thigh piece.

Watercolor dragonfly tattoo on thigh by Simina

Another fabulous watercolor design with color galore. (Photo: Simina)

This dangling design.

Dangling dragonfly tattoo by Sandra Cunha

Although the body seems a tad bit crooked, the overall composition of this piece is simply magnificent. Sandra always comes up with creative and elegant designs that we can never seem to get enough of. (Photo: Sandra Cunha)

This playful dragonfly on back shoulder.

Playful dragonfly tattoo on back shoulder by Simona Blanar

Simona has her own “storybook” style as we like to call it. Many children’s books are in dire need of her illustration. (Photo: Simona Blanar)

This blackwork shin tattoo.

Blackwork dragonfly tattoo on shin by Sara Reichardt

The geometric accents are cool but what really grabs your attention is the transition into heavy black ink in middle of the design. (Photo: Sara Reichardt)

This micro dragonfly.

Micro dragonfly tattoo by Fernanda Prado

Everyone loves a tiny tattoo, and what could possibly be more interesting than this teeny tiny dragonfly tattoo. (Photo: Fernanda Prado)

These intricate wings.

Dragonfly tattoo by Elizabeth Yakunina

Tattoos on the spine are always painful. However, the hours of agony this individual went through definitely paid off in spades. (Photo: Elizabeth Yakunina)

This hyperrealistic dragonfly tattoo.

Hyperrealistic dragonfly tattoo by Miami Tattoo Co

(Photo: Miami Tattoo Co)

This dripping watercolor design.

Dripping watercolor dragonfly tattoo by Bora Tattoo

Now this is truly watercolor work at its best. No lines at all.  (Photo: Bora Tattoo)