40+ Blackwork Rose Tattoos You’ll Instantly Love

Floral fans, this one's for you.

This blackwork rose on thumb.

Blackwork Rose on Finger Tattoo by Alexander James

Here we have a tiny rose tattoo complete with thorns and all that starts on the thumb and makes its way up onto the hand. (Photo: Alexander James)

This decorative linework design.

Linework Rose Tattoo Design by Lenn Awe

And a few dangling chains just because they’re pretty. (Photo: Lenn Awe)

This creative portrait.

Blackwork Rose Tattoo by Tripps

We’re pretty sure this tattoo was inspired by one of Carrie Bradshaw’s hats but we can’t be certain.  (Photo: Tripps)

This striking blackwork rose.

Blackwork Rose Tattoo by Dom Wiley

Depth, beauty, contrast, this stunning blackwork rose tattoo definitely has it all. (Photo: Dom Wiley)

This black and grey ink foot tat.

Blackwork Rose Tattoo on Foot by E Lisa Betha

Not the best photo but the beauty of this design is still undeniable. (Photo: E Lisa Betha)

This beautiful blackwork rose on hand.

Rose Tattoo on Hand by Ian Carder

We’ve been dreaming of a sleeve that ends with a rose like this for the better part of our life. Someday. Someday.. (Photo: Ian Carder)

These layered petals.

Blackwork Rose Tattoo by Alessio Favre

A beautiful almost surreal rose tattoo that captures the intricate array of petals we’ve come to love so much. (Photo: Alessio Favre)

This spectacular shoulder piece.

Blackwork Rose Tattoo on Shoulder by Fred Flores

The perfect pair. (Photo: Fred Flores)

This dotwork arm band.

Dotwork Rose Tattoo on Arm by Tiago Oliveira

Maybe it’s too much to assume that this design connects around back but if it doesn’t, it should. Absolutely amazing. (Photo: Tiago Oliveira)

This delightful duo.

Blackwork Rose Tattoo by Salar Tattoo

Black outlines for added depth. (Photo: Salar Tattoo)

This deep blackwork design.

Blackwork Rose Tattoo by Jason Barresi

By far the heaviest blackwork design on the list. Bravo. (Photo: Jason Barresi)

This cool finger tat.

Rose Tattoo on Finger by The Black Rooster

(Photo: The Black Rooster)


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