40+ Blackwork Rose Tattoos You’ll Instantly Love

Floral fans, this one's for you.

This blackwork rose hand tattoo.

Blackwork Rose on Hand by Salome Trujillo

Elegant to a fault, these linework leaves really bring an extra level of interesting to the table. (Photo: Salome Trujillo)

This sprawling pectoral piece.

Large Blackwork Rose Tattoo by Alexander James

Go big or go home. This stunning floral corsage features completely unique petal work accented by lightly drawn lines. (Photo: Alexander James)

This monochromatic hyperrealism work.

Monochromatic Hyperrealism Rose Tattoo by Nathan Hamilton

This almost looks like it’s a glossy page in a magazine. Extraordinary work. (Photo: Nathan Hamilton)

This dotwork rose on thigh.

Dotwork Rose Tattoo on Thigh by Raine Knight

Fun fact: Did you know you can actually grow black roses? It’s true. There are several varieties that will produce seemingly black roses. Well, technically they’re not completely black but to the casual eye they appear so. The most common black rose variety is called Black Baccara and can turn almost pitch black under the right conditions.  (Photo: Raine Knight)

This epic forearm work.

Blackwork Rose Tattoo on Forearm by Roxy Horror

Notice the triangular shape in the background. (Photo: Rocky Horror)

This negative space rose glyph.

Negative Space Rose Tattoo by Simon Mora

Here we have a blacked out diamond-shaped glyph filled with five beautiful negative spaces roses. (Photo: Simon Mora)

This pair of dotwork roses.

Blackwork Rose Tattoos on Forearm by Point Blank

There are blackwork rose tattoos and then there are blackwork rose tattoos. These are definitely the latter. The sophisticated dotwork shading of the petals is enough to make anyone do a double take. (Photo: Point Blank)

This gorgeous shoulder piece.

Blackwork Rose Tattoo on Shoulder by Saschi McCormack

Perfect in every way. (Photo: Saschi McCormack)

These matching ankle tattoos.

Matching Rose Tattoos on Ankle by Blackman Tattoo

Whether they’re sisters or just friends we’ll never know. But it’s safe to assume that these lovely ladies know each other. That is, unless there was some sort of blow out buy two get one free sale at the shop that day ;). (Photo: Blackman Tattoo)

This tiny rose behind the ear.

Blackwork Rose Tattoo Behind Ear by Kevin Soto

(Photo: Kevin Soto)