40+ Blackwork Rose Tattoos You’ll Instantly Love

Floral fans, this one's for you.

This epic shoulder piece.

Blackwork Rose Tattoo on Shoulder by Julius Cesar

Who says roses are for women? This awesome blackwork rose was executed with a dark, ominous tone that gives it a strikingly bold appearance. A single drop of dew can be seen showcasing the artist’s keen eye for detail. (Photo: Julius Cesar)

This tiny ankle work.

Tiny Blackwork Rose Tattoo on Ankle by Abi

Because who doesn’t love a tiny rose tattoo? (Photo: Abi)

This fantastic foot tattoo.

Blackwork Rose Foot Tattoo by River

Love this. (Photo: River)

This spectacular neck tattoo.

Blackwork Rose Tattoo on Neck by Dom Wiley

Talk about your show stopping attention grabbers. This back-of-the-neck tattoo design is as beautiful as it is bold. (Photo: Dom Wiley)

This magical sternum tattoo.

Blackwork Rose on Sternum by Marshall Smith

Or should we say stomach piece? This stunning blackwork rose tattoo is about as much motivation to stay in shape as you could possibly ask for. Richard Simmons video not needed. (Photo: Marshall Smith)

This tiny rose tattoo on finger.

Tiny Rose Finger Tattoo by Califas

Instead of a wedding ring? Yes please. (Photo: Califas)

This dotwork rose on shoulder.

Dotwork Rose Tattoo on Shoulder by KaliMa

One of the coolest places to get a tattoo no matter what sex you may be. Something about this shoulder placement just oozes awesome. (Photo: KaliMa)

This sketch style rose on forearm.

Sketch Style Rose Tattoo on Forearm by Witold Waleński

This blackwork rose tattoo starts out soft in the center before transitioning to harsher sketch style lines on the perimeter. (Photo: Witold Waleński)

This elegant rose on collarbone.

Elegant Blackwork Rose Tattoo by Chris Carter

Black and white hyperrealism takes this rose tattoo every where it needs to go and then some. Still a little red from the needle, we’d sure love to see this piece completely healed. (Photo: Chris Carter)

This fantastic forearm piece.

Blackwork Rose Tattoo on Forearm by Dom Wiley

Another gorgeous blackwork rose from the uber talented Dom Wiley. The contrast Dom’s able to achieve in his works is simply divine. (Photo: Dom Wiley)