30 Legitimately Brilliant Tattoo Ideas for Men

For any man considering ink, take a look at these.

30 legitimately brilliant tattoos for men

Are you tired of looking at an endless parade of lackluster tattoo designs? People don’t always have the best taste. This means that even the most popular image discovery platforms are usually packed with an overwhelming majority of basic tattoo designs that are, how shall I say, less than remarkable. So to help you avoid spending hours upon hours sifting through mediocre tattoo designs to find the occasional diamond in the rough, we’ve put together an entire list of show-stoppers that are anything but basic.

This geometric design.

by Sean Hall

(Photo: Sean Hall)

This skeleton skateboarder.

by Doctor Woo

(Photo: Doctor Woo)

These sketch style wings.

Sketch style wing tattoo by Kamil Mokot

(Photo: Kamil Mokot)

These gangsters.

by Ben Thomas

(Photo: Ben Thomas)

This sleeve.

Geometric sleeve tattoo by Aleh Sanchez

(Photo: Aleh Sanchez)


by Alex Berger

(Photo: Alex Berger)


2pac tattoo by Inal Bersekov

(Photo: Inal Bersekov)

This classical piece.

by Tommy Lee

(Photo: Tommy Lee)


Fence tattoo by Alexandra Fink

(Photo: Alexandra Fink)

This black hole.

Black hole tattoo by Kamil Mokot

(Photo: Kamil Mokot)