40+ Achingly Beautiful Tree Tattoos

Because naturalistic tattoos are all the rage.

These triangular cages.


Either geometric bird cages or the Predator is going bird hunting. Not sure. (Photo: Lionel)

This bonsai tree.


(Photo: Adam Sky)

This giant sequoia.


The sequoia may not be the tallest, that honor belongs to the redwood, but they are the largest trees in the world when you consider overall size. A giant Sequoia named General Sherman in the Sequoia National Park measures in at 272 feet tall with a diameter of 25 feet. General Sherman is commonly referred to as the largest living tree in existence. (Photo: unknown) 

This magnificent forearm piece.


This is pretty much a complete forest scene on a forearm. Awesome. (Photo: Sven Rayen)

This creative balloon tree.

Balloon Tree Tattoo

Because why not. (Photo: Evan Do)

This decorative half-sphere.


Absolute perfection. (Photo: Luciano Del Fabro)

This unique geometric piece.


A tall pine tree decorated with various geometric shapes of which I can’t even begin to describe. (Photo: Madison Tease)

This wonderful ankle tattoo.

Evergreen Tree Tattoo by Ung Art

(Photo: Ung Art)

This mandala tree of life.


This tree is perched upon a geometric mandala design and also includes mandala patterns radiating from the branches. (Photo: David Hale)



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