40+ Achingly Beautiful Tree Tattoos

Because naturalistic tattoos are all the rage.

These matching evergreens.

Evergreen Tree Tattoo by Noksi

(Photo: Noksi)

These earthly antlers.


If mother nature was a deer, this is what she would look like. (Photo: Whitney)

This floating tree.


The floating island is an odd concept but a surprisingly popular tattoo design. Steve never fails to impress with his rich detail and flawlessly executed designs. The focus of this piece is obviously the tree but that sunset is out of this world.  (Photo: Steve Butcher)

This continuous line.


Mo Ganji famously quit his nine to five corporate job to pursue his dream of becoming a tattoo artist. His one continuous line tattoos have gained him worldwide recognition and by the looks of these trees, it’s well deserved. A+ for uniqueness and creativity. (Photo: Mo Ganji)

These sectionals.


These creative sectionals give the viewer the opportunity to peer out a set of windows into the woods. (Photo: Nick Hart)

This forearm tat.


Small. Subtle. Serene. (Photo: Sven Rayen)

This geometric design.


Shadows take the form of geometric shapes in this well thought out design. A touch of color only adds interest and intrigue into an already phenomenal work of art. David Hale, you rock.  (Photo: David Hale)

This wonderful back piece.


Birds take flight from this burly-trunked tree. (Photo: David Hale)

This colorful composition.


Everything about this epic piece is all kinds of wonderful. The perfectly trimmed trees are just too cool. (Photo: UPK)

This collection of flowers.


This psychedelic landscape is pure fantasy. (Photo: Pang)