37 Tribal Arm Tattoos That Don’t Suck

This work in progress


This floral pseudo tribal tattoo


While not your typical tribal tattoo, this style sleeve design could possibly belong to a tribe somewhere. Joke. But you can’t deny it’s beauty and the genius decision to add just a touch of red ink to the elbow.

This awesome Samoan tribal tattoo

samoan-tribal tattoo

One of my favorite designs, this epic Samoan influenced upper sleeve instantly reminds the viewer of The Statue of Liberty.

This arrow band


This female tribal tat


While tribal tattoos are usually seen on muscular Rugby players and the body builder types, tribal designs are equally as appealing on thinner arms.

Another fantastic Polynesian tribal tattoo


Geometric shapes and what looks like some sort of reoccurring deity, maybe a sun god? If anyone knows who this is supposed to be exactly leave it in the comments please.

This multi-level Samoan tribal tattoo


This tattoo is shaded to make it look like multiple levels of patterns were wrapped around the arm. What really stands out is the amazing elbow design.

X marks the spot


Lots of things going on here. Horizontal patterns and a large X shape left blank. Possibly on purpose but it’s tough to tell without being able to see the rest of the design.

This single peck to half sleeve

chest-sleeve-tribal tattoo

I wonder, is there a name for this specific tattoo shape — on the peck and over to form a half sleeve?

Another spectacular female tribal tattoo


Off course a few flowers were added for a nice feminine touch.