37 Tribal Arm Tattoos That Don’t Suck

This Polynesian warrior tattoo


That strip of leaf pattern almost looks like flowers. This guy probably started off wth a small piece and then caught the bug. I wouldn’t be surprised if this tat has grown since the time of this photo.

This weaving pattern tribal tattoo

islader-maori-tribal tattoo-sick

A little faded but still looks good. Tribal tattoos like this one that cut off right below the elbow look wicked in short sleeve T-shirts.

This Islander tribal sleeve


Is it just me or does the center of the swirl on his shoulder look darker than the rest of the tattoo? Maybe it’s just the camera focusing in on the spot. Ether way, this sleeve is awesome.

Possibly the best technically drawn tribal tattoo ever inked


You’d be hard pressed to find a better executed tribal tattoo out there than this one. The clarity, design, and symmetry are all top notch.

Another beautiful Islander/Maori hybrid tattoo


Watch out for the nipple!

This Polynesian half sleeve tribal tattoo



This unique tribal style tattoo


Each of these little designs look like a Klingon Bat’leth. Kind of.

This amazingly intricate full sleeve Islander tattoo


Another epic example of a tribal tattoo done in the Islander style. I think the Islander style has to be my favorite due to the high level of detail that’s often displayed.

This awesome almost full sleeve tribal tattoo


Flex those abs for the photo! This tattoo is fantastic though. The reoccurring design pattern makes for a nice touch.

This Polynesian Pug Tattoo


It’s always fun to see how nipples are worked into, or in this case, around the overall design.