The 36 Coolest Cactus Tattoos To Ever Exist

Guaranteed to poke your interest.

This tiny elbow tat.

Hand Poked Cactus Tattoo by Gökşen Gökalp

(Photo: Gökşen Gökalp)

This simple ankle tat.

Cactus Tattoo by Neko

(Photo: Neko)

These purple crystals.

Feminine Cactus Tattoo by Apryl Triana

(Photo: Apryl Triana)

This welcome warning.

Cactus Tattoo Design by Nick Stambaugh

(Photo: Nick Stambaugh)

These matching cactus designs.

Matching Cactus Tattoo Designs by Night Mood Ink

(Photo: Night Mood Ink)

This diamond-shaped glyph.

Cactus Tattoo Design by Little Andy

(Photo: Little Andy)

This state tattoo.

Arizona Cactus Tattoo by Golden Rule

(Photo: Golden Rule)

This circular sunset tat.

Cactus Tattoo Design by Michelle Truong

(Photo: Michelle Truong)

These two species.

Cactus Tattoo Design by Doy

(Photo: Doy)