The 36 Coolest Cactus Tattoos To Ever Exist

Guaranteed to poke your interest.

This triangular work.

Cactus Tattoo Design by Abel Sanchez

(Photo: Abel Sanchez)

Matching linework cacti tattoos.

Matching Linework Cactus Tattoos by Emily Elinski

(Photo: Emily Elinski)

This sombrero wearing cactus.

Cactus Tattoo Design by Tarlito

(Photo: Tarlito)

This stunning leg work.

Cactus Tattoo Design on Leg by Michelle Luz Nussbaum

(Photo: Michelle Luz Nussbaum)

This prickly pear cactus tattoo.

Cactus Tattoo by Alton Tattoo

(Photo: Alton Tattoo)

This vibrant back shoulder piece.

Cactus Tattoo Design by Abel Sanchez

(Photo: Abel Sanchez)

This cute cactus.

Cute Cactus Tattoo Design by Orlandi Francesco

(Photo: Orlandi Francesco)

This surreal cactus.

Surreal Cactus Tattoo by David Cote

(Photo: David Cote)

This black and grey ink cactus tattoo.

Black and Grey Ink Cactus Tattoo by Doy

(Photo: Doy)

This alien.

Cactus Tattoo Design by Glen Coit

(Photo: Glen Coit)