34 Superb Pocket Watch Tattoo Designs

Thanks Peter Henlein.

This black and grey forearm piece.

Pocket Watch Tattoo on Forearm by Carmelo Silva

Fresh ink. (Photo: Carmelo Silva)

This upper arm work.

Pocket Watch Tattoo by Adrian Morales

Notice the highly detailed ornate hands. (Photo: Adrian Morales)

This cute composition.

Pocket Watch Tattoo by Mike Harper

Vintage. (Photo: Mike Harper)

This maple leaf.

Pocket Watch Tattoo by Ael Lim

That reflection is one of the most realistic metallic shines you’ll ever see. (Photo: Ael Lim)

This scientific composition.

Scientific Pocket Watch Tattoo by Melina Casteletto

Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing. (Photo: Melina Casteletto)

This ribcage work.

Pocket Watch Tattoo on Ribcage by Dynoz

(Photo: Dynoz)

These two names.

Pocket Watch Children Tattoo by Caleb Cashew

Kids most likely. (Photo: Caleb Cashew)

This black and grey beaut.

Pocket Watch Tattoo by Stefan

(Photo: Stefan)

This ornate case.

Pocket Watch Tattoo by Javier Eastman

A little day date action for Casey. (Photo: Javier Eastman)

This ionic case.

Open-Face Pocket Watch Tattoo by Nick Hart

Obviously freehand, this pocket watch tattoo might not be completely flawless but the unique color and composition of this piece just works. (Photo: Nick Hart)

This Hunter-case on shoulder.

Pocket Watch Tattoo on Shoulder by Ael Lim

This gorgeous black and grey ink piece has a chain strong enough for two small children to swing from. (Photo: Ael Lim)



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