34 Superb Pocket Watch Tattoo Designs

Thanks Peter Henlein.

This dripping watercolor pocket watch.

Watercolor Pocket Watch Tattoo by Laura Craver

Because watercolor just works with everything now. Right? (Photo: Laura Craver)

This surrealist blackwork piece.

Blackwork Pocket Watch Tattoo by Todd Bailey

Beautiful. (Photo: Todd Bailey)

This pocket watch piercing.

Pocket Watch Tattoo by Ryson Lapenia

It makes you wonder: Does anyone out there really have this as a piercing? (Photo: Ryson Lapenia)

This hunter-case thigh piece.

Hunter-Case Pocket Watch Tattoo by Jane Medusa

As you’ve probably noticed, roses are a popular addition to pocket watch tattoos. (Photo: Jane Medusa)

This lightly-drawn forearm work.

Pocket Watch Tattoo on Forearm by Matt Roe

Dangling chains included. (Photo: Matt Roe)

This work in progress.

Pocket Watch Tattoo by Kev Richardson Jr

Here we have an amazing pair of pocket watches which appear to be the beginning of a pretty cool sleeve. We’ll try to update this post if possible. (Photo: Kev Richardson Jr)

This red rose.

Colorful Pocket Watch Tattoo by Santiago Buriticá

A vibrant red rose goes nicely with this gold pocket watch. (Photo: Santiago Buriticá)

These exposed gears.

Gorgeous Pocket Watch Sleeve

Another beautiful exposed mechanism work featuring roman numeral stops. (Photo: unknown)

These red numerals.

Large Pocket Watch Tattoo by Johnny Smith

Covering most of this voluptuous derriere is one of the largest pieces on the list and another work featuring an exposed mechanism that let’s the viewer see just how complicated watches really are. (Photo: Johnny Smith)

The future is promised to no one.

Pocket Watch & Butterflies by Ewa Sroka

Ewa’s watercolor animals are always something to be seen. This cracked timepiece is accented with a wonderful array of dots that give it an almost magical appearance. (Photo: Ewa Sroka)

This dark hunter-case.

Pocket Watch Tattoo by Alex Bruz

Another bang up job by Alex Bruz. (Photo: Alex Bruz)