34 Matching Couple Tattoos All Lovers Will Appreciate

I love you. I love you more.

These king and queen finger tattoos.

King and Queen Couple Tattoos by Fredrik

King and queen crown tattoos are one of the most popular couple tattoo designs and for good reason. From tiny minimalistic crowns (pictured above) to larger works accompanied by writing, the alluring “I’m your king and you’re my queen,” theme prove too tempting for many couple to pass up. (Photo: Fredrik)

These kissing couples.

Watercolor Couple Tattoos by Sol Keyboardcat

A couple’s head seemingly explodes with good feels as they show each other a little affection. (Photo: Sol)

These matching Mickey and Minnie Mouse tattoos.

Minnie & Mickey Couple Tattoos by Gustavo Paternina

Disney seems to be everywhere we look these days. This adorable pair of matching ankle tattoos feature Disney’s oldest, and most iconic match made in heaven. (Photo: Gustavo Paternina)

These wicked waves.

Matching Wave Tattoos by Perelyakina Elizaveta

Matching Hokusai waves make for an awesome couple tattoo design. The Hokusai wave is a popular tattoo choice which is modeled after one of Japan’s most iconic art works The Great Wave off Kanagawa by 19th century artist Katsushika Hokusai(Photo: Perelyakina Elizaveta)

These pixelated hearts.

Pixelated Heart Couple Tattoos by Valerie Jane

Nothing portrays love better than the international symbol for love. (Photo: Valerie Jane)

These matching nautical-themed finger tattoos.

Nautical-Themed Couple Tattoos by Gustavo Pacheco

Another wonderfully symbolic pair of couple tattoos. I’ll be your anchor to hold you down in times of need. I’ll be your helm, to guide you when you’re lost. Or something like that. (Photo: Gustavo Pacheco)

These 8th grade couple tattoos.

Roman Numeral Couple Tattoos by Natasha Hum

This couple fell in love when they met in the 8th grade. (Photo: Natasha Hum)

These renaissance couple tattoos.

Matching Couple Tattoos by Kace

One of the most recognizable scenes from one of Michelangelo’s most famous works on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. (Photo: Kace)

These matching palm trees.

Palm Tree Couple Tattoos by East Iz

Love the filter, but we’d also love to see these works in vivid color! (Photo: East Iz)

These roman numeral crowns.

Matching Crown Tattoo by Ali Baba

A wedding date perhaps? (Photo: Ali Baba)