33 Amazing Foot Tattoos That Don’t Stink

Pun intended.

I won’t die defeated.

Grenade Tattoo on Foot by Bobby

As you’ve probably noticed, foot tattoos tend to be a lot more popular among women. Why, is anyone’s best guess but traditionally the foot has always been seen as a more feminine friendly tattoo location. The clarity and depth of this piece are almost unreal. (Photo: Bobby)

This gorgeous flower.

Flower Tattoo on Foot by Living Canvas

Not the best photo but the beauty of this floral foot tattoo was never in question. We’ve got a tree behind our house full of these beautiful white flowers but the name escapes us. (Photo: Living Canvas)

These neo traditional tats.

Neotraditional Foot Tattoos by Reggae Tattoo

A gypsy and a flower to match. How neat. (Photo: Reggae Tattoo)

This special sea turtle.

Sea Turtle Tattoo on Foot by Ann-Marie

When it comes to deep sea tattoos, none are as popular as the sea turtle. It’s just so dang adorable.  (Photo: Ann-Marie)


Forget-Me-Not Tattoo on Foot by Ink Ink

The Forget-me-not is that state flower of Alaska and is found all over the Northern hemisphere. The name “Forget-met-not” is a moniker given to some two hundred different subspecies of the genus which are all similar in appearance. (Photo: Ink Ink)

These watercolor stars.

Watercolor Stars on Foot by Trix

Here we have a colorful mashup of stenciled stars done in the watercolor style. (Photo: Trixx Tattoo)

This blackwork bear.

Blackwork Bear Tattoo on Foot by Lawrence Edwards

Lawrence creates some of the cleanest dotwork animal designs you’ll ever see. Make sure to check out his Instagram for more jaw-dropping art. (Photo: Lawrence Edwards)

This little mandala piece.

Mandala Foot Tattoo by Dave Freeman

As decorative as it is delightful. Mandala designs are a popular tattoo choice for their intricate detail and unlimited creative opportunities. (Photo: Dave Freeman)

This tiny tulip.

Tulip Foot Tattoo by G.NO

How this artist creates such wonderful detail in such a small work is nothing short of spectacular. (Photo: G.NO)

This watercolor peacock feather.

Watercolor Peacock Feather Foot Tattoo by Elizabeth Alvarez

Another fantastic peacock flower that looks like it was drawn with cool pencils. Notice the hint of white ink used to give the edges of the feathers a subtle white glow. (Photo: Elizabeth Alvarez)