33 Amazing Foot Tattoos That Don’t Stink

Pun intended.

These spectacular viola flowers.

Viola Flower Tattoo by Doy

Here we have cluster of Viola flowers on a surprisingly slender foot. The depth and detail of each flower has an almost mesmerizing effect.  (Photo: Doy)

This minimalistic bear.

Bear Tattoo on Foot by Pieced Hearts

It looks like someone is a tad bit toe shy :). (Photo: Pierced Hearts)

This eye of providence.

Eye of Providence Foot Tattoo by 2k

Mesmerizing. (Photo: 2K)

This watercolor goldfish.

Watercolor Goldfish Tattoo on Foot by Asao

A small golf fish tail erupts into an array of colorful watercolor strands. Fun fact: The oldest Koi fish on record lived to be a whopping 226 years old. Her name was Hanako.  (Photo: Asao)

This connecting foot design.

Connecting Foot Tattoo Design by Kamil Mokot

Life meets death. Connecting foot tattoos are so cool. (Photo: Kamil Mokot)

This creative rose.

Creative Rose Tattoo on Foot by Luca Boccasile

(Photo: Luca Boccasile)

This elegant cover up.

Floral Cover Up Tattoo on Foot by IDA

This soft air brush style is as beautiful as it is unique. (Photo: IDA)

This adorable kitten.

Kitten Tattoo on Foot

Big blue eyes and a cute pink nose provide this subject with a constant reminder to smile. (Photo: Emily Hodgett)

These delicate wild flowers.

Blackwork Foot Tattoo by Eloise Entraigues

(Photo: Eloise Entraigues)

This tiny paw print.

Paw Print Tattoo on Foot by Jon Boy

From the man who practically makes his living off of tasteful minimalistic tattoo designs. Props to Jon Boy for constantly reminding us that bigger isn’t always better. (Photo: Jon Boy)

This blue fish.

Fish Tattoo on Foot by G.NO

Here we have a veil tailed goldfish executed with varying shades of blue ink. (Photo: G.NO)

This epic castle.

Amazing Castle Tattoo on Feet by Thieves of Tower

Long spires. (Photo: Thieves of Tower)

This cool owl piece.

Owl Foot Tattoo by Chisato Chavo

(Photo: Chisato Chavo)


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