32 Perfect Paw Print Tattoos to Immortalize Your Furry Friend

Love you buddy.

This little hidden heart.

Hidden heart tattoo by Meag Stouck

(Photo: Meag Stouck)

This beautiful back piece.

Watercolor paw print tattoo by Dominika Czeczot

(Photo: Dominika Czeczot)

This micro wrist tats.

Micro paw print tattoos on wrist by Mojo

(Photo: Mojo)

This 3D design.

3D paw print tattoo by La Machine Infernale Tattoo

(Photo: La Machine Infernale Tattoo)

This black ink watercolor work.

Black ink watercolor paw print tattoo by Juninho

(Photo: Juninho)

This colorful watercolor paw print.

Colorful watercolor paw print tattoo by Milad

(Photo: Milad)

This lovely wrist piece.

Lovely paw print wrist tattoo by Jon Boy

(Photo: Jon Boy)

This playful paw print.

Paw print tattoo via Marrissa Webster

(Photo: Marrissa Webster)

This pink and black paw print.

Pink and black paw print tattoo by Felipe Cesar

(Photo: Felipe Cesar)

This mandala paw print.

Mandala paw print tattoo by Luis Angel

(Photo: Luis Angel)

These tiny black ink paw prints.

Tiny black ink paw prints by Jon Boy

(Photo: Jon Boy)

This creative design.

Paw print tattoo by NorCal Tattoo

(Photo: NorCal Tattoo)


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