30 Terrifyingly Terrific T-Rex Tattoo Designs

Some simply terrifying.

This blackwork skull.

Blackwork t-rex skull by Wolf & Wren

(Photo: Wolf & Wren)

This forearm piece.

T-rex skull on forearm by Galo Cego

(Photo: Galo Cego)

This full arm piece.

T-rex on arm by Alexander James

(Photo: Alexander James)

This floral piece.

T-rex skull with flowers by Keith Kuzara

(Photo: Keith Kuzara)

This brown t-rex.

T-rex tattoo by Michelle Maddison

(Photo: Michelle Maddison)

This ferocious beast.

T-rex tat by Alex Tabuns

(Photo: Alex Tabuns)

This teacup.

T-rex skull with teacup by Andy Marsh

(Photo: Andy Marsh)

This bicep tat.

T-rex skull by Marco Rossetti

(Photo: Marco Rossetti)

This t-rex at tea.

T-rex at tea by Lauren Winzer

(Photo: Lauren Winzer)

This rose.

Black and grey ink t-rex by Thomas Bates

(Photo: Thomas Bates)



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